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Monday, November 06, 2006

The Jacobs Effect

The B's are winning more and they showed to their fans long period of good and inspired play. The team start to gelled but the result is not there yet. So, if the team is doing ok, why those persistent rumours surrounding the team? Why this urgency to win?

Well, I think it's probably due to something I will call: " The Jacobs effect ". What is the " Jacobs effect ". The "Jacobs effect " could be define as a philosophy where you use fan's passion for the game against them. The name of the game in this strategy is to make your die-hard fans believe that they can win without having the assets to do it. You spend on 2 or 3 key players where the fans can identified themself to and you sell lots of beers, hot-dogs and merchandise. Lucrative but in the end, very stupid.

Jacobs have played that lucrative card for so many years that he alianated long time fans and now, their ready to crucified anyone ( especially Jacobs ) for their lack of production. Those hard core fans didn't have the patience to wait, anymore. They waited, since 1972, to see the big prize coming in Beantown; only to see an owner almost laugh in their face and continue to make money on their passion for the sport they loved. Those fans are hungry. Hungry for success and hungry to win. Patience is not an option. What will happend if the team don't produce and finish 10th or 11th in the conference? I think that will be the start of a dangerous pattern of indifference and angryness. An explosive cocktail that Jacobs, this time, will probably not survive.

Patience is probably the smartest strategy to adopt at this point. The fact of the matter is that lots fans are simply tired of it. Tired to be patient; Tired to receive the message that, this year, their team will, finally, win and contend. The message that Jacobs send them for 30 years+. The reality is that Jacobs betrayed the fans. Now, they retaliate and they use their lack of patience and money to send a message to a guy who was deaf for 30 years. The problem is that, for the first time, Jacobs should really play that " deaf " card. But time is a luxury for Jacobs; a luxury that he cannot afford anymore.


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