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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Game Review: Tampa Bay

This is from Neb, who is a regular visitor and will now be contributing to the site.

Most games I view on telivision, yeseterdays match up against tampa, the wife who I will refer to as e, and I went to in person. Of course I have taped the game as well, but have not reviewed the tape. Tape review, will come later today. So how do e and I do a game day? We left the cape around three headed for Harvard Square as e wanted to get a 2007 day planner at the stationary store in the square. The full moon rising over the highway on the way up was probably a good omen of the game we were going to see. We found a meter right by the former house of blues and had us each 2007 day planners by 5:30. Mexican in the square for dinner was fast and decent; 20 dollars, 30 minutes. e and I were on the redline at just a little after 6 - this being boston we were transfering off a redline train to a shuttle bus that we exited at the Charles Station at around 6:35. we walked the last 15 minutes and arrived at the new Garden at around quarter of.

Our purchased ticket section was 325 in the upper bowl, we sat in section 15 in the middle of the lower bowl. our adopted seats were on the goal line that the bruins defend twice. After the game, we took another shuttle and train back to the car.

Living in the city in the late 90's and now visiting were reminders of many things. The most notable from this night is the public transport sweating. You see, you dress comfortably for out door winterish weather and then you cram into a train or bus loaded with city folks and your still all bundled and now your sweating...e and I discussed how we do not miss that. Also we looked out on the new Zakim Bridge on the east side of the Garden right after the game, we drove under these same windows 50 minutes later, now on the expressway. Crazy moving around in the city sometimes, that it would take 50 minutes to go 100 feet horizontally.

Game Notes: My proper review of the game will come after watching the tape. You watch differently when you are there. I like watching at the benches as line changes are made or behind the play all the stuff you do not get on tv. Obviously our Bruins were lucky to win this game and I didnt get the sense that they were pursuing pucks and checking as hard as our previous two games. Odd man rushes led to too many goals. Momentum killing goals moments after the home scores were heart breaking, as well as penalties.

Check of the game - Dempsey hip check on the boards.

Goal of the game- I'll give to savard streaking down the wing to make 1-0 - what a huge game from savard it is clear that the P.J., Savard, Murray line are our first line. That said, whats going on with Patrice's game? He is missing some of the tenacity we have grown to expect from him.

-Worst play of game- Hannu letting the softy in off the left pad on a weak shot. Needless to say I was airborn (much to my surprise as I'm usually a little reserved) after Murray hit the back of the net - which gives us our...

-Pass of the game-Mara to Murray in overtime. lastly those of us at the Garden never got to see a replay of Chara's goal, which seemed to take forever to review...and makes me wonder why with such a wonderful new scoreboard why wasnt it replayed for the crowd? Off to the tape and I''ll give my second breakdown later.



Blogger neb said...

sorry matt i just realized my post is very wordy.....heres the crib notes -

the game was fun!

7:06 PM  
Blogger Matt said...

no problem

9:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

too much stuff to read. cut it down a bit and it COULD be decent. Key word decent.

11:50 PM  
Blogger neb said...

i know i know, READING, sooooo painful!

8:37 AM  
Blogger TreeBob said...

it was fine. or is anonymous you neb?

3:13 PM  

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