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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Site Behavior

Let's make some statements here:

1- Matt is working is ass off to make a good site.
2- No one here, and I'm sure Matt feel the same way, pretend to be a hockey genius.
3- This site is about the Bruins and Hockey in general.
4- This site is young and improvements will be made time to time.
5- We do it in our spear time.

For those who post publically that Matt has stoled ideas and so on.. I was a webmaster and had my own site way before writing on Matt's site. When it becomes to codes; there's no stealing or so IF there's no copyright. The procedure is to write to the owner of the site, tell him about a particular idea you like from his site and ask him if you can put it on your own web site. Of course, you will put a link (of his site) to give him the credit for his idea. Lots of sources are "open" one and people can use it as they want it to. Thanks to Jason who straightened things out.

If you have any comments regarding grammar, content or anything else; please use our personal e-mail address to contact us. They are there for that purpose. Matt and I will be glad to hear your suggestions and that's the best way to improve the site. Bashing or bitching publically will only remove the credibility of a critic who can be very constructive.


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