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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Kessel on 1st Line?

Could Phil Kessel play on the first line? Before you lose it, I know you don't want to mess with Sturm, Bergeron, Boyes connection, but Dave Lewis may be pondering this idea. In tonight's game, the 2nd line was Sturm Savard Murray. The idea could be that Savard needs 2 proven playmakers to be successful, and Sturm and Murray will provide that. Kessel would then play LW with Bergeron and Boyes, a future tandom for years to come. Bergeron would also help Kessel develope more than Savard could possibly, another reason why it could happen. The players and Lewis have also said that they are not sure yet what the lines will be, we can only assume. This is just an observation, but do you agree?


Blogger Latrappe said...

I think it would be a tremedous pressure for Kessel to be on the top line. He looks very good in those pre-season games but it would be foolish to separate a spark line like the B's have in Bergeron-Boyes and Sturm. Lewis hinted that he may try Kessel as a center on the third line too. I think we should start the season with the first line intact and Kessel on the second line.

11:24 PM  
Blogger BomberDrz said...

There's to much chemistry between Sturm and Bergeron to mess with the top line. Kessel would be better at wing on the second line than centering a 3rd scoring line. Lewis has already said that the Bruins will have 2 scoring lines a checking line and a 4th line with physical energy type players and penalty killers. If Kessel centered a 3rd scoring line who would be his wings? 2 other rookies? That would be a defensive nightmare. My best guess is Kessel, Karsums and Kalus will all be in the mix for 2nd line left wing duty with the one who plays the best in the games that matter sticking around.

12:55 AM  
Anonymous Dan said...

Kessel played center with Mowers and Axelsson in one of the preseason games and didn't do anything really. His talents would be wasted without any complimentary players. Kessel should either be on the top 2 lines or sent to the AHL to play top minutes. He most likely will stick on the top 2 lines with the Big Club.

3:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

lewis has said that he may taylor is lines on an opponent by opponent basis..which means the tradtional 2 o lines a d line and a 4th line of role guys...or the abilitly to roll out 4 lines and skate a teams butt off or mixing players all game long so teams that like to match lines dont know what to do...chiarilli has said they really like kessel at center and he may remain even if he is not on the top two lines. i wouldnt get to attached to last years lines with this years team....

8:33 AM  

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