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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Milan Jurcina dealt to Caps

Milan Jurcina was traded to Washington for a fourth round draft choice. I don't see how this trade helps the team what so ever. A fourth round trade choice could only help the Bruin's in 2 or 3 years(if at all), not now. Is this the approach Chiarelli is taking? I certainly hope not.


Anonymous BosBrn77 said...

Why am I having Mike O'Connell nightmares again?! This was a stupid trade! This does nothing for the team what-so-ever! You're telling me that we have to rely on a washed up player like York over Jurcina? Damn, the Capitals are getting lucky with defense from the B's. First Morrison and now Jurcina!
PC had better have something more up his sleeve, biggest this deal gets a big fat F!!!!

5:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chia pet is an idiot

5:39 PM  
Anonymous mack said...

I can't believe that Lewis didn't even try to pair him with Chara. Brutal. There is very little chance that this fourth round pick will be as skilled as Jurcina. I think in a few years Jurcina will be a great defenceman.

5:56 PM  

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