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Sunday, December 24, 2006

The Winning Path

It took time. After a shaky start, the B's improved. They improved to the point that they find themselves, as the standing shows today, in a better position that no one could ever imagine after the first five games of the season. Even without PJ, an important piece of the puzzle, this team deliver. Last night, against Montreal, the B's made it special. It was an holiday " special delivery "; something i would call their best win of the year.

It was, indeed, their best win in many ways. First, they escaped a so-so first period with a 2-1 lead. During that first period, Thomas was excellent and provide the spark the team needed. A lucky bounce and a PP goal and it was a 2-1 lead. The most impressive thing here is the fact that the team didn't get blind by their lead. They acknowledge the fact that the first period wasn't good enough to win and they put the high gears on. In fact, Boston won because they were the best team for the rest of the game. They played a very methodic game in order to cut mistakes. Even after that SH goal; the team looked good. They didn't collapse. They were frustrated to see their " good " work spoiled by a mistake like that. So, instead of collapsing, they worked harder and smarter; it paid off. This kind of performance make you believe that this team have found his confidence and will challenge the rest of the conference for a playoffs spot. The B's are not the pray anymore. The B's have found their killer instinct.

Last night, they were 17,000+ to see that killer instinct at work and many of them becomes believers. In fact, every fan who have seen that game, last night, had no choice but to become a believer. It's Christmas time and the B's delivered the perfect gift for a long time fan: A solid win against the long hated Habs.

Happy Christmas to everyone !


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