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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Team Win: Montreal


A great overall game. A team game. It was great to see the fans there supporting the Bruins (some Habs fans). A great rivarly, tops in the NHL. I wish the attendence could be there every night. Marc "Hab Killer" Savard had to assists to extend his point streak to 7 games while Bergeron and Sturm continued their streaks as well. PJ Axelsson was out last night, but is expected to return after the quick break. Tim Thomas once again played some great hockey. He robbed atleast 4 Habs and had circus saves. Stan Chistov has a hightlight reel goal. Great win, the Bruins are now riding a 3 game win streak, and doesn't it feel nice to be in 3rd?

3 stars:
1. Tim Thomas
2. Marc Savard
3. Andrew Alberts
HONORABLE MENTIONS: Brad Stuart, Stan Chistov, Chara, Bergeron


1. Zdeno Chara (6) from Alberts (5) and Savard (33)
2. Marco Sturm (10) from Bergeron (28)
3. Milan Jurcina (1) from Savard (34) and Murray (11)
4. Stanislav Chistov (2) from Boyes (18)

1. Mike Komisarek (4) from Johnson (7)
2. Michael Ryder (10) from Koivu (21) and Huet (1)


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