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Sunday, October 01, 2006

NHL 07 Review

It is October and officially hockey season! I bought my copy of NHL 07 yesterday, just started playing today. Only 30 bucks, so if you have an Xbox, ps2, or GameCube, definately worth your buy. If you have a Xbox 360, this game is amazing. The graphics for the 360 are out of this world. I am waiting for my ps3 in November, so no 360 for me. I have a ps2. The game has some new features in it, including on ice support, and a more interactive passing game. You can chose between a wrist or slap shot. The graphics are improved, and the music isn't as annoying or repetative as 06. They also do some cool shots of the crowd. The scoring is more realistic, and players no longer have the option to make those deke plays that would 90% score in 06. The new game has a salary cap, and dynasty mode has some new features. The only negatives I have about the game are ratings, trades, free agency, and salaries. The ratings in this game are a little weird. They seem to be to leanient on players in the 80's ranking. Some how Dan McGillis is an 80 even though he was sent to Providence. Ian Moran is an 81. How so? The rosters are sort of weird to. Brian Leetch, Josh Langfield, and Mariusz Czerkawski are still on the Bruins roster. The salaries are way off on the most part. Zdeno Chara has 2 years at 3.2 million or so with the Bruins. Way off. Others notables are Marc Savard he is at 2.7 million and Martin Havlat at I think around 2.5 million. Other high priced guys go as the same. But others like Keith Thakchuk and Jaromir Jagr are at 7.6 million. Very weird. The trading is also kind of cheesy. It is to rating based, with no logic involved. I traded Alexei Zhamnov and a 2nd round pick for Martin Havlat. I also traded Brian Leetch and a 3rd, 4th round pick for Kim Johnsson. Who would ever do that? The free agency also craps a little due to players profound amount of money. Brian Leetch asked for 4.23 in the open market, and Tie Domi wanted 1.23. Sean Hill wants 2.3, etc. These players in the real NHL would only get 1,000,000 and under. The game needs to put that into view. I believe NHL 08 will be amazing in the new PS3 and the Xbox 360. Still a lot of work to go for EA Sports.

Note: I just traded Tim Thomas (87 rating) and a 1st round pick for Miikka Kiprosuff (94 rating). Brilliant huh? Why doesn't Chiarelli try it? lol.


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