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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Have the Bruins Learned?

I was reading Boston's papers this morning and there was an interesting article regarding Bergeron. After reading it, a red light started to pop in my mind. The article main focus was on the fact that Bergeron will have the pressure to produce. So, do we have another JT case in proccess?

We all agree as fans and Peter Chiarelli agreed to that too, Bergy is a work in progress which means that Bergy is on a progression. This word is really important because he is supposed to be productive but not as a Sakic or a Modano. I think Boston's media should take a long deep breath and learned form the JT mistake. Lead by Dupont, the media and the front office were all over JT because, in their mind, he didn't reach the expectations. Expectations that media and the front office had tough time to display. They traded JT and suddenly he pulled it off. This time, we have to be careful. We have a gem in our own backyard. We have an excellent two way center with a smart sense of hockey who will developp into a franchise player. There's no doubt about it and there's a concensus around the league regarding that fact. I don't care if Bergeron turns into a 90-95 points player. The role of centerman his way much larger then putting the puck in the net.

We have to focus on the progression of Bergy more then his point production. Of course, we expect some improvements from him but we have to avoid to set the bar higher then it should be and ruin Bergy's confidence. I wish that the media and the front office had learned. Learned that talent cannot be rushed. Talent will reach its full potential with confidence, experience and support. Experience cannot be bought and only ice time will do the trick. Bergy will have more support, this year, with a guy like Chara in the lockeroom and the fact that there's a second centerman to relieve pressure on him.

In a different order of ideas, Peter Chiarelli was asked about contract extension regarding Sturm, Primeau and Stuart. Chiarelli respond that he will have to see those players at work before taking any decisions regarding extension. A smart answer who can be interpreted that way: We have a cap and we will have to take a decision regarding who we will be able to keep. I would suggest to PC to put his focus on Brad Stuart. Even if we all know that we will have depth at the blue line, there's no substitute for experience and Stuart will reach his full potential, probably, next year. Like I said before, you never have too much depth at the blue line.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

its not just the media, the fans, and this very web site are siting the bergy line as the number one line. ill suggest now that kessel is still on the 2nd line, its just that now, so are bergy and boyes.

the only other problem with your joe thornton comparison is that joe was (and probably still is) soft. bergy is not soft. sure joe could turn nasty and stick a guy from time to time or take a ill advised temper related penalty (remember his 2 minute return to boston). there are reports that joe cried his way out of town (does your captain cry?)....

bergeron i believe will put more pressure on himself for each and every shift. i see a drive that cannot compare to any pressure created in the hub of hockey.

1:32 PM  
Blogger Matt said...

Yeah, to some degree, but it can also be damaging to a player when you expect a 80-90 point season and you underachieve and get bashed by people around the league.

8:43 PM  

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