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Friday, September 29, 2006

NHL News

- The Boston Herald reports that the last cut on the team will be make Sunday or Monday. They also report that the team will likely decide, today, who will be team's captain.

- According to Spector's web site, Sweet Lou is in New York, at the NHL headquarters, to talk about the Malakhov and Mogilny situation. Spector thinks that Lamoriello might be able to write off the salary of Mogilny but that it will be very unlikely that he can do the same with Malakhov. According to Spector, the relieve of Mogilny's salary will help the Devils to retain their player and remove the possibility of a major trade.

- According to TSN's Bob McKenzie, the Nashville predators are shopping Scott Hartnell and/or Scotty Upshall. McKenzie says that the Predators are loaded in the upfront and the possibility to lose Hartnell, for nothing, in the free agent market may force a trade.

- RDS's web site report that forward Guillaume Latendresse have signed a 3 years/2.55 million dollar contract with the Habs. Head coached Guy Carbonneau already stated that Latendresse will spend the complete year in Montreal.

- ESPN's Good'ol Burnside has this comment regarding Savard: "Take Marc Savard. He is being paid as a No. 1 player in Boston, but he's not a No. 1 player five-on-five or killing penalties. Are the Bruins going to get full value for him? History suggests they will not ".

Latrappe needs to say: Shove it Burnside.
Matt add's: Actually watch an NHL game.


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