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Thursday, September 28, 2006

3rd Line Analysis

Last line to analyze. Been putting this one on the back burner as of late, but here it goes. I will also be doing the reserves analyzation.

Wayne Primeau-Acquired in the JT deal, Primeau was thought as the "thrown-in" player. Primeau did better than expected and solidified the role as the checking line center. Primeau provides size, but he also has great hockey instincts and great hands. If anyone remembers that dazzling goal against Philly, that is where he caught my eye. Primeau, on a good year, can give you 30-35 points. Around 12 goals and 25 assists. That is all you can ask from your 3rd line center. Primeau is one of the better defensive forwards the B's have, and will be used in key penalty killing situations.

Shean Donovan-Signed this year as a UFA, a 2 year/1.95 million dollar deal. Here on the East Coast, we don't really know much of Donovan, but he was a well liked guy in Calgary and scored 20 goals two years back. Talking to people who watch the Flames and are fans, have told me that he is known to go on hot streaks, but also known to go on cold streaks. Donovan is like a P.J. Axelsson, and they will provide one of the best checking lines in the NHL. Donovan could put up from 10-20 goals and 15-20 assists.

P.J. Axelsson-The longest tenured Bruin, Axelsson will be a canidate for the A this season. Axelsson year in and year out has been one of the best defensive forwards in the game. He should have been in consideration for the Selke trophy many years, including lasts. Axelsson can score, and bother the other teams defense a lot. Axelsson is the teams top PK, and we will see lots of that from him this season. Axy is a grinder and expect another solid season from him this year.


Blogger Latrappe said...

I don't think i would be foolish to say that the B's have probably the best checking line of the conference....

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