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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Worth It or Not?

Matt's biggest surprise post underline is very good question among fans. Are players worth what they are paid. That's an interesting question but, LOTS OF THE TIME, the angle to analyze the question is wrong. Remember when the B's signed Chara and Savard in the same day? Every fans around the NHL said that the B's were overpaying for those players. But what is overpaying? It is so money related? I mean, you overpaid a player when he didn't deliver the goods right? When the B's offered 7.5 per to Chara it was for many reasons. They want from him, of course, his talent but the team expect that Chara will be their general at the blue line. They expect Chara to stabilize the defensive corps; to help the young defensemans in their learning curve and assure a very good blue line for the next couple of years. If Chara delivers all of those things mentioned above, did the B's overpay him? I don't think so. When you sign a player you expect something. When those expectations are fullfil, you can consider that you have a return on your investement. The same can apply to Savard. They expect him to be a #2 centerman and help Murray to get right on track. If Savard is sucessful, he's not overpaid.

On the other hand, you have the classic overpay. The Habs are probably the best at this game. Let's throw few names as an example: Bonk, Samsonov, Koivu. They are all overpaid because they will not fullfil expectations for what they were signed. The Habs signed Koivu and expect him to be their #1 centerman. Koivu never was and never will be a #1 centerman in the NHL. Leadership wise, he could be their man but on the ice, he doesn't fit the bill. They signed Samsonov to a 3.5 million per contract and expect him to make Kovalev produce as a machine. It will not happend since we all know that, even if Sammy is a very dynamic player, he takes, in 80% of the time, the bad decision around the net. Playing with Ribeiro with not help either. Bonk is a bust for so many years. Ottawa expected from him a 40 goal scorer and it never happend.

Finally, you overpay when the player you have signed didn't deliver the goods. Whatever the amount, if those expectations, from the team, are not fullfilled, you've overpaid. In this new cap era, evaluating talent will be crucial. Are we are glad, now, that the B's made that front office overhaul?


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