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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The C

Who will be the Bruins new captain? Well, I've talked to some people who are close to the Bruins and other people I know. I also asked my friends what they thought. They all agree. Zdeno Chara is the best and most likely to be captain. He has the biggest contract in team history, and is the number 1 defenseman on the team. He's going to be here long term, and is already showing leadership during practice. They don't want to give it to Bergeron because he is to young, and they don't want a Joe Thornton repeat. 95% chance he is captain. He is what the Bruins are all about, and soon Chara will be wearing the C.

Other canidates that were thought of:
Patrice Bergeron
Brad Stuart
P.J. Axlesson
Glen Murray


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