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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

An Unwritten Rule

From asking people around the NHL, and NHL fans, I have come to a hypothesis (science terms, don't know if I used them right). It seems like RFA's are a tricky situation. As you can tell, no major RFA has been offered a contract in this new era. And the last major one to have been offered a deal was Sergei Fedorov when he was with the Red Wings. It seems like the unwritten rule is, don't mess with other teams RFA's.

If that wasn't the case, it'd seem like the names of Begeron, Boyes, Gagne, Zherdev, Kovalchuk, Gionta, Gomez, and others would have been offered deals. Now I know with the recent news of Bob Clarke's offer to Ryan Kesler has sparked a few plugs. Clarke has been on the hot seat, and isn't making any friends. As he said, "I don't give a f#&k what people think of me!" This move may cause a new way people think and deal with RFA's, time will tell. But it seems throughout the league, the main point is, don't mess with other teams RFA's.


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