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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Some Key UFA's Next Season to Resign

The Bruins have two key UFA's they need to resign before they hit the open market next season. Marco Sturm and Brad Stuart. If any of these two walk, the Joe deal would have been pointless. Sturm will likely commend around 3.2 million. Why break up the Boyes, Bergy, Sturm line? I anticipate he will get resigned to around 3 years/9.6 million.

Then there is Brad Stuart. He is a number 2 defenseman, and is a huge part of this teams defense. The offseason of '07 isn't going to be very thick in the d-corp like it was this year. Stuart will be one of the top d-man available, and teams may be willing to shell out 4.7 million for this guy. He has already gotten interest from teams this offseaon in a trade. Stuart is worth around 4 million I think. I would like him to be resigned for 4 years/16 million. I honestly can't tell you I think they will resign him. I hope they do, but no guarantees.

Another guy I would like to see resigned in Wayne Primeau. He is an awesome 3rd/4th line guy. Preferably 3rd line. He would be great to have for 1 million or less.


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