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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Cap Pressure to Force Devils Trade?

According to Bob McKenzie, the Devils situation has become more and more complicated since Sweet Lou will have to be under the cap for October 4th. There's no relief who can be make on Malakhov retirement or Mogilny injury since those guys were 35 years old when they signed (multi-years contracts) and this means that their salary will count against the cap. These two guys are eating 7.1 million of cap space this year. McKenzie also pointed out that it will be interesting to see if a GM would be gutsy enough to pull the trigger on an offer sheet for Paul Martin, Dave Hale or Brian Gionta.

Latrappe's take: Iv'e already stated that the Devils are the first example of mismanagement of the new CBA. Sweet Lou is painted in the corner and he will probably have to deal, at least, two players to stay under the cap. The bad news is that he will have to deal those guys for draft picks or low cost prospects which is not enough for those quality players. By waiting that long, Lamoriello reduce his negociating power to nothing. The next couples of days will be very interesting.

Matt's take: Please Lou trade someone instead of bullshitting your way out with "injuries" and retirements. Come to reality, lets go.


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