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Monday, September 25, 2006

Teams Putting to Much Faith Into the Unknown?

This year will be interesting. Many teams are putting faith into playoff hero goalies, and I am not so sure it will work out. Even the Bruins are doing that a little, but that aside, teams like Anaheim, San Jose, and Carolina are putting WAY to much faith into these guys.

San Jose- Why not give Nabokov the starting job. If you didn't like this guy, why did you sign him to a huge deal last season? Toskala was an unknown until late in the season, and you can't ride your franchise on guys like this, aka Tim Thomas, forever. If San Jose deals Nabokov, they will regret it.

Anaheim-This one isn't as bad. J.S. Giguere is still a great goalie, and like others, he struggled last season. Ilya Bryzgalov, who is on my fantasy team, is an awesome goalie, but still, he hasn't even played a full season and Anaheim is ready to deal Giguere. Anaheim may not regret trading Giguere if they do, but it could turn out disaterous.

Carolina-This one pisses me off the most. Cam Ward. Come on. He barley played during the regular season, Martin Gerber carried this team, and he started 57 of the games, posted a low GAA and a high SV%. Cam Ward only got a chance because Gerber went down in the playoffs and he put together a great streak of a few playoff games. Well earned job Ward, nothing against him, great performance, but why let Gerber walk for a few million, and take a REALLY UNPROVEN Cam Ward into the season to defend the title.


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