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Friday, February 16, 2007

Post Game : Bruins-Islanders

The absence of Patrice Bergeron really hurt this team tonight. Not only in the way they play but also in the faceoff cirlce. They lost 35 out of 57 faceoffs. Brad Boyes only won 20% of his faceoffs and Mark Mowers only won 27%. Overall a very sloppy game, one in which this team desperately needed to win. They showed no passion or emotion once again. They got outshot 38-25 and got outplayed for the majority of the game, by a team that isn't so great themselves.

- Mark Mowers has taken over nicely for Primeau. He looks a lot better than "Big Preems" as the checking line center. Mowers has speed, has good hockey sense, blocks shots, and is good on the PK. A good fourth line/PK guy to have especially since he makes only 450,000. A much better option over Primeau. Give him 10 minutes MAX a night and he is very valuable to this team.
- Jason York continues to look very very bad. He took a bad penalty and just looks extremely slow out there. Mark Stuart got to watch first hand from the press box.
- An absolutely terrible play from P.J. Axelsson, resulting in the first goal on the game. He was behind the right side of Thomas' net, when he cleared the puck to the left wing boards. The only problem is, is that he is the left winger. Therefore no one was there and the Islander's winger picked up the puck with ease and got a shot on net, which was tipped by Tambellini, the man Axelsson was "covering" behind the net, when he beat him to the top of the crease.
- Phil Kessel had a strong game. He ended the game on a line with Axelsson and Bochenski, a combination I am not a big fan of.
- Stanislav Chistov and Petr Tenkrat got more ice time today. Tenkrat has looked good lately, although his overall offensive talent is not the greatest, he still plays very hard and is a good asset on the PK. Chistov had some nice plays tonight but also had some lazy plays as well.
- Thomas kept the Bruins' in the game until Robitaille's goal with about 3 minutes left.

Duds of the Game
1. P.J. Axelsson - Just not the player he use to be. Don't know what happened to him, but this extra ice time he gets really shows he isn't as great as everyone thinks.
2. Brad Boyes - Terrible in the faceoff circle. Could have stepped in nicely for Bergeron, but did not and looked invisible again.
3. Jason York - What needs to be said?

Stars of the Game
1. Tim Thomas - Did all he could to keep the Bruins in it again.
2. Brandon Bochenski - Looked good again, had some real good chances. Looks like he'll score his share of goals.
3. Glen Murray - Another PP goal. Didn't have the greatest of games, but always comes through with a goal to get the Bruins back in it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I read these blogs all the time because I'm a huge bruins fan,for the last35 years .So to say the least I've seen alot of good and crapy hockey from the Bruins.The last couple of years have been very difficult to watch.But what i don't understand is why everyone is so hyped over Chara.I watch all the games and he gives the puck up alot.Not only that but he has a weak outlet pass and is to slow.I live in New Brunswick Canada and Igot to watch alot of ottawa games and he really never impressed me much.I think he should only play24 maybe 25 minutes a game.He is being used way to much.I still think that 7 million a year is to much for him.Just needed to rant a little.

Still a bruins fan but not happy in new brunswick

6:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did you watch this game? The Bruins played a good, sharp game. Bergeon may have made a difference, but not critically. They did miss Premeau in the faceoff circle (funny you didn't mention that). Axe had a very good game. He nearly set up some great goals and made at least two big defensive plays that may have saved goals. Maybe you watched the wrong game by mistake?

12:56 PM  
Anonymous mack said...

I don't understand why the Bruins won't call Lashoff back up. He's looked good in every single game he's played in with the B's.

1:20 PM  
Blogger Pekese said...

Anoymous one, yes I did watch the game. They broke down in the second and third periods, where it matters the most. They got completely outplayed in the third and the majority of the second. Axelsson did have some decent plays, but that one play drove me crazy as it would any bruins fan. Positioning is the number one thing you are taught in hockey. I don't get him, hes suppose to be "so smart", but he is always out of position. It forces his linemates to have to cover up for him all the time. Maybe he is trying too much, but in reality he continually hurts this team... ok yes Primeau would have been nice to have for a few of those faceoffs Mowers lost, but I still think Mowers is an upgrade.

5:07 PM  
Blogger Pekese said...

Chara's salary is big, but that was the only way the Bruins' were going to be able to sign him in the offseason. I think he is a valuable part to this team, and without him the Bruins would be much worse. He does have his share of turnovers, but always seems to be a force defensively on the ice. He breaks up alot of plays/blocks shots with his long reach. Overall is 7.5 mil too much for this guy? Yeah, he's no Lidstrom or Pronger. But I would much rather have him then not have him. He would be alot better if he had some better defensemen to play with as well. I think Ference would be a perfect partner for him. Instead hes stuck with Mara, who has been absolutely terrible this entire season.

5:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pekese you think your so smart, but your really not

8:30 PM  
Blogger neb said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

9:45 AM  
Blogger neb said...

the above post was mine that was deleted. im going to try again... i do not understand why you would delete my post? it was not insulting in anyway!

pekese you are wrong about the axelsson play. he can not play two positions at once. he is behind the net covering for his centerman. his centerman should be on that left wing covering for him. pj was not out of position. savard was!

perhaps some people will see this post and then notice it deleted later (same as my first of the exact same ilk) and see the hypocrisy of the authors!

6:45 PM  

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